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Cost calculator Minimum weight: 300 grams.
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In some cases, volumetric weight can be applied to the calculation.

The cost of the bulk weight is applied if: The sum of the three sides of the parcel exceeds 150 centimeters.

The volumetric weight is calculated as follows: length(cm) * width(cm) * height(cm) / 6000.

The volumetric weight is compared with the actual one, the cost is calculated based on the exceeding value.

If you have any questions about the weight calculation standards, write or call us, we will be happy to advise you on all issues.

Dior Face Palette Boxette
Dior Face Palette
Price in Uzbekistan 65$
US price + shipping 48$
Saving 17$
Sephora Shimmer Skinstick Boxette
Sephora Shimmer Skinstick
Price in Uzbekistan 45$
US price + shipping 32$
Saving 13$
Sephora Sampler Set Boxette
Sephora Sampler Set
Price in Uzbekistan 65$
US price + shipping 46$
Saving 19$
Victorias Secret BODY CARE Boxette
Victorias Secret BODY CARE
Price in Uzbekistan 20$
US price + shipping 8,95$
Saving 11,05$
Nike Kids Backpack Boxette
Nike Kids Backpack
Price in Uzbekistan 51,52$
US price + shipping 37$
Saving 14,25$
Levi’s Chino Pants Boxette
Levi’s Chino Pants
Price in Uzbekistan 120,45$
US price + shipping 89,50$
Saving 30,95$
BARBIE Malibu Boxette
Price in Uzbekistan 59,67$
US price + shipping 22,99$
Saving 36,68$
AirPods Max Boxette
AirPods Max
Price in Uzbekistan 716,85$
US price + shipping 549$
Saving 167,85$
PlayStation 5 Console Boxette
PlayStation 5 Console
Price in Uzbekistan 681,65$
US price + shipping 499,99$
Saving 181,66$
Apple Watch Ultra Boxette
Apple Watch Ultra
Price in Uzbekistan 913,67$
US price + shipping 799$
Saving 114,67$
New Balance WS327 Boxette
New Balance WS327
Price in Uzbekistan 121,32$
US price + shipping 99,99$
Saving 21,33$
Adidas MULTIX SHOES Boxette
Price in Uzbekistan 132,79$
US price + shipping 70$
Saving 62,79$
Nike Air Force 1'07 LV8 Boxette
Nike Air Force 1'07 LV8
Price in Uzbekistan 223,56$
US price + shipping 103,97$
Saving 119,59$
Sweatshirt Puma Boxette
Sweatshirt Puma
Price in Uzbekistan 76,2$
US price + shipping 57,2$
Saving 19$
Adidas Stepback 3 Boxette
Adidas Stepback 3
Price in Uzbekistan 115$
US price + shipping 63,65$
Saving 51,35$
New Balance 680v Boxette
New Balance 680v
Price in Uzbekistan 115$
US price + shipping 59,99$
Saving 55,01$
Peppa Pig  Boxette
Peppa Pig
Price in Uzbekistan 45,04$
US price + shipping 20,99$
Saving 24,05$
Gap Kids  Boxette
Gap Kids
Price in Uzbekistan 16,95$
US price + shipping 11,05$
Saving 5,9$
Play Station 4 Boxette
Play Station 4
Price in Uzbekistan 550$
US price + shipping 400$
Saving 150$
LEGO Jurassic World  Boxette
LEGO Jurassic World
Price in Uzbekistan 217.22$
US price + shipping 139$
Saving 78,22$
Maybelline liquid lipstick Boxette
Maybelline liquid lipstick
Price in Uzbekistan 22$
US price + shipping 10,99$
Saving 11,01$
Clinique Smart Set Boxette
Clinique Smart Set
Price in Uzbekistan 59,96$
US price + shipping 37$
Saving 22,96$
Laruce brush set Boxette
Laruce brush set
Price in Uzbekistan 100$
US price + shipping 75$
Saving 25$
Estee Lauder blush Boxette
Estee Lauder blush
Price in Uzbekistan 51$
US price + shipping 42$
Saving 9$
Dyson Supersonic Boxette
Dyson Supersonic
Price in Uzbekistan 779$
US price + shipping 429$
Saving 350$
Amazfit Smart Watch GTS 4 Boxette
Amazfit Smart Watch GTS 4
Price in Uzbekistan 245,59$
US price + shipping 199,99$
Saving 45,60$
Mac Book Air Boxette
Mac Book Air
Price in Uzbekistan 1445$
US price + shipping 999$
Saving 446$
Iphone 14 Pro Boxette
Iphone 14 Pro
Price in Uzbekistan 1442$
US price + shipping 999$
Saving 443$
Levi's jeans Boxette
Levi's jeans
Price in Uzbekistan 161$
US price + shipping 89$
Saving 72$
Clarks shoes Boxette
Clarks shoes
Price in Uzbekistan 190$
US price + shipping 100$
Saving 90$
Adidas SUPERNOVA 2 sneakers Boxette
Adidas SUPERNOVA 2 sneakers
Price in Uzbekistan 182,55$
US price + shipping 100$
Saving 82,55$
Calvin Klein women's shoes Boxette
Calvin Klein women's shoes
Price in Uzbekistan 230$
US price + shipping 130$
Saving 100$
Customer Reviews
Олеся Стешина
Great service! A little more than two weeks later, a parcel with perfumes from America arrived. The employees are polite, always in touch, call to clarify, help. I will continue to use their services. And recommend.
Михаил Ильин
I ordered sneakers from the USA from the Amazon website, they arrived in 10 days from the date of acceptance in the warehouse, faster than promised. All whole, no damage. The system is as transparent as possible, the parcel is tracked on the site.
Maknuna Khujaeva
Cool and convenient service! I have ordered shoes from them twice now. Delivery up to a week, packed qualitatively. The prices are more than reasonable. Very cozy office and the sweetest girl-manager!
Гурген Арустамов
A good postal intermediary, the order came within 5 days from the date of dispatch. I ordered the service of additional packaging, the service was performed just fine, packed from the heart. Very nice employees in the office, reasonable prices. The only thing to keep in mind is that if your parcel arrives at a warehouse in the USA on Friday or later, then the shipment will be completed in a week, since the plane is loaded only on Fridays. In general, the service is excellent. Successful work.
Шахмухит Шаюсупов
I often order clothes here, they always help if there are questions when placing an order. Qualitative staff who are ready to help in any difficult situation! Thank you for your work.
BoB Djeck
Thank you very much to this company, everything came in perfect condition and quickly! I used this service for the first time and was pleasantly surprised) I can confidently say that I will continue to place orders only through them. Thank you again! Good luck and prosperity to you.
Kobiljon Babaev
Super satisfied, delivered the purchase from the USA very quickly, in 9 days.
Марсель Игоревич
Excellent service, everyone helped to tell how to order) Also delivery is very fast, now this is my favorite place to order!
Evgeniy Sorochin
Convenient service. Good quality work, fast delivery.
Mahmud Kadirov
Excellent service, quickly and safely delivered the parcel from amazon. I recommend.
Tillo Ahadjonov
The operator answered all the questions quickly and clearly. We ordered and we are waiting for it to arrive …
Alisher Faxriddinov
Good luck with your future endeavors.
Ильнур Исламов
Very pleased with the Boxette service. I ordered Vans sneakers. They arrived very quickly, literally in 8 days. The goods arrived intact and undamaged. We were also pleasantly surprised by the discounts on delivery and various store services. Taking into account these discounts, it is possible to save a good amount rather than buying original goods in boutiques. The staff is competent and will always help with unclear issues. I definitely recommend using this service.
Ali-khan Joldasov
Responsive Team, which is a pleasure to contact. Everything is convenient, clear, and transparent. The parcels themselves are so well preserved that it’s amazing. Two or three weeks and they are already here. Thanks to your Team, all the best. Good luck and great success.
Gulnaz Kuatovna
Great company, deliver on time, always happy to help. Acceptable prices.
Pastry Chef
Thank you very much to this company, everything arrived in perfect condition and quickly! This was my first time using this service and I was pleasantly surprised) I can confidently say that I will continue to place orders only through them. Thanks again ! I wish you success and prosperity.
Гульназ Кенесбаева
I am very pleased with the work of Boxette!!! Fast! Professionally! Well done!
Tim LucK
The best service, everything is transparent and clear, we order and will continue to order through you, keep it up.
Tillo Ahadjono
Operator hamma savollarga tez va tushinarli javob berdi momilalari zor zakaz qildik kutyapmiz kelishini
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Popular questions
How can I track my purchase from Amazon?

To ensure that the parcel is not lost, we ask you to register the tracking number that Amazon gives you after purchase.For some reason, many people register an Order Number instead, which, unfortunately, does not help in tracking the parcel.Therefore, we tell you where to find the Tracking Number, which you need to specify when registering the parcel. Firstly, after your order has been sent, you will receive an email with a button like this. If there is no button, the clickable text Track Your package will appear in blue instead.When you click on the button /link, you will be redirected to your profile on Amazon, where in the upper right corner you will see Tracking Number, secondly, you can always go to Your orders and find the same button or text in those orders that have already been sent, but have not yet been delivered.What does the Tracking code look like? It can consist of only digits, for example, like this 9400115901096293391994.Or have to contain one or more letters. Like this: 1Z602AW60283834284. This is the number you need to register on our website.Tracking Number cannot contain hyphens or dashes. Everything that looks like this: 104-4272159-9711404 is an Order Number.Please be careful when registering a parcel on the website!

How do I cancel a bid on Ebay?

By participating in auctions on Ebay, you automatically agree that you will not cancel bids. But there is such an inexorable thing as the human factor and circumstances, and, fortunately, the Ebay team provides for such cases.In what cases is it possible to cancel a bid on Ebay? Your mistake. For example, you wanted to bet $10, but you made 100. Significant change in the product description. For example, you were going to buy a red bra, and after a while it turned out to be black. If the seller does not respond to messages and emails by e-mail, in any other way.How do I cancel an Ebay bid?There is a special Bid Retraction form that you need to use to cancel a bid on Ebay. In the drop-down menu, you can choose the reason why you decided to take this step.Alternative If none of the reasons is suitable, and it is simply necessary to cancel the bid on Ebay, write to the seller. He can cancel any bet at any time. However, he may simply refuse to do this or not see your message before the auction ends.Time limits The bid can be canceled up to 12 hours before the end of the auction. At the same time, all your bets on the lot will be canceled. Therefore, do not forget to offer a new bid for the product.If you placed a bid less than 12 hours before the end of the auction, you will be able to cancel it only within an hour. In this case, only the last bid is canceled.

How to order on Zappos and 6pm?

Payment for goods on Zappos.com and 6pm.com it can be carried out only by card. The store accepts Paypal only from accounts that have been registered in the USA. If you buy something in this store yourself, in the Your Payment Information section, specify only your real data that is linked to your payment card.This is how you need to fill in the data for 6p:Full name - first name and last nameaddress - address, if it does not fit on one line, you can move it to the next City - City State - Regionzip - postal index In the drop-down list, select the country (Uzbekistan). Phone number - specify the phone number with the country code.This is how you need to fill in the data on Zappos in the first column - Billing Address you need to specify your address (street, house, apartment) In the second column - Billing Address Continued - your city, region and zip code. In the City column - your COUNTRY of residence. In the State column, specify AA. In the Zip (zip code) column for Zappos.com and for 6pm, write 11111. In the Phone Number column - your contact phone number.This format is adopted by the store for those who pay for their purchases with international payment cards (link to the original source Zappos.com and 6pm.com ) .Your Shipping Address - enter the shipping address here (which you get for free after registering on Boxette). After you have placed an order, sometimes the store administration may ask you to send a copy of the front part of your card. Do not be afraid of this - this is a normal procedure.

How to Search on Ebay?

Millions of products are sold on Ebay. At first glance, it is simply impossible to find exactly what you need. But there are two rules, following which you will be able to correctly search for an item on Ebay.First, you need to know exactly what you want to buy. If this knowledge is not there, shopping on Ebay will turn into aimless wandering around the store, like a maze.Secondly, we need to decide on the cost.Have you decided? So, you can go and look for your new purchase.If your knowledge of English is not as perfect as you would like, translate your request through an online translator. Basic product search on Ebay is very simple – enter a query, and you get an endless stream of products that are relevant to your query.Of course, it is best to make the request as clear as possible. If, for example, you are looking for an iPhone, it is better to indicate that this is the new iPhone 5s, because simply by asking for "iPhone", you will receive not only all phone models, but also all possible accessories to them, cases, cables, protective films, etc. P. Then this list can be reduced by selecting the following options in the menu on the left.- Only auction, or only "Buy at once"- Product category (in the case of iPhone, it will be Cell Phones & Smarphones) - Technical data (3G, GPS, and others)- Memory capacity - Condition (new, used, for spare parts, etc.) - Cost (minimum and maximum)- Delivery (paid or free), etc. P. When you check all the options, the scope of the search will narrow down to those volumes that you can scroll through in a short time and select the right product.For different products, these options may differ (color, size of shoes or clothes, etc.). Using this example, you will simply be able to understand how to search for products on Ebay.

How to register on Amazon?

To become an Amazon buyer, it is enough to register for free, which will take you 10-15 minutes. Registration will give you access to thousands of different products from America that can be purchased online. If you need clothes from America, books, toys, music CDs and, of course, electronic books - you are here.Amazon has many branches in other countries besides the USA, if you accidentally register in one of them, it still gives you the opportunity to use your username and password to log in to the American branch.The American branch of Amazon is the most popular.It's easy to register there - at the first stage you will only need your e-mail. The registration form should be filled out in English (in Latin letters)First you need to go to the main page of the site.On the main page at the top right, select "Your Account" and in the menu that opens, where "New customer?" click "Start Here".A form for resigration will appear. Here you need to enter the name - name, Email, Password - password, password again - password again.After that - click on the Create your Amazon account button - create your Amazon account.This completes the first stage of registration. After that, you will be taken to the main page, from where you need to go to your account.There you need to enter the address. Look for the Settings section - Settings and Add new address – Add a new address.Here you need to specify the main address of the one that was given to you when registering on the site boxette.ge .Now it remains only to add your card details.To do this, go back to your account, find the Manage Payment Options subsection on the page that opens, select Add Credit/debit Card on the next page you will be asked to enter the billing address. Or choose the one that you have specified as the delivery address. Practice proves that everything works both ways.If you decide to use a Uzbekistan address, you need to specify it in Latin.After saving the data, you can start shopping.Enjoy shopping!

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